Billing & Automation

Big scale company? Unleash your hardware potential

HostBill is successfully deployed on any environment, to make most of hardware its installed on we've developed Enterprise version.

What is Enterprise version?

Enterprise Unbranded HostBill license requires separate server to install (large VPS or separate Dedicated server). It makes use of its performance to make HostBill runs faster, with installation optimized to run under CentOS 6.5 x86_64, with improved security on system level, faster page renders and orders/invoices/support processing. Server-side software configuration is fine-tuned for performance, and having separate server for billing allows Enterprise version to:

Perform background processing of long-running tasks

Leverage multiple latest technologies and programming languages

Give access to more powerful modules and module features

Possibility for ambitious custom projects based on HostBill Enterprise Platform
Billing & Automation
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