12 Dec, 2022


The Calendar plugin was created to help you better organize your work and keep track of the company’s events. With this plugin you can easily create, schedule and manage events, either for public or private view. Each event can be related to a specific service, client or ticket and can have a staff member assigned to it. Thanks to automated notifications (via email or new ticket opened) you’ll never again forget another event! You can also pin the Calendar widget to your dashboard to see what's ahead today, this week or month.

The Calendar plugin lets you also create recurring events, assign events to certain group and mark then as done. The widget can be rendered with related events in invoice section, account, order, ticket or domain details or in a client profile. Stay organized and informed with the Calendar plugin!

  • Manage private/public calendar events
    • setup date, duration
    • setup relations (related service, client, order, ticket etc.)
    • setup automated notifications (via email or ticket)
    • assign staff related to event
  • Setup recurring events
  • Group events, manage available groups
  • Mark events as done
  • Render calendar widget with related events in:
    • invoice edit section
    • account details
    • domain details
    • client profile
    • ticket details
    • order details
  • To-do dashboard widget with list of current/upcoming events
  • Render calendar on admin dashboard

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