Single Pane of Glass

Unify all your client information in one place - HostBill is a single platform that integrates information from various sources across multiple applications and environments into a single display. Save time and effort maintaining multiple tools and manage your operations from a unified database.

Multi-Channel Support

Focus on delivering the best possible customer service in the way your customers prefer to use. Providing a seamless experience to the customer, regardless of which channel they choose to use can lead to the increase in customer satisfaction and higher retention rates.

With HostBill’s multi-channel customer support you can connect with your customers in real time using live chat, create relevant trackable ticket in the ticketing system, convert every email into a ticket and reply either within the helpdesk or by sending out an email.

Powerful Ticketing System

Get your support team to be organized, focused, efficient and effective with HostBill flexible and automated helpdesk software. The Ticketing System UI integrates seamlessly into HostBill admin panel ensuring your staff members will have all customer tickets at their fingertips across all HostBill sections. Ticketing System can be used as a channel of communication with both registered and non-registered customers. New tickets can be created either inside the ticketing system or imported from mailboxes. The multitude of ticket management features will help you to provide your clients with exceptional customer service while extensive notification system ensure quick response time

Team-Oriented Communication

The success of your company relies on your team. Effective task delegation and the ability to work together and communicate with each other increases the efficiency. With Hostbill you can create various support departments with different permission levels and assign staff members to specific departments. Internal messages support effective communication between your team members and help to solve the problems faster.

Complex Management Tools

Accurate and effective contact management makes your business easier to run. HostBill customer management tools keep your contacts organized and give you quick access to highly personalized customer details. Client registration fields can be customized depending for example on client country to provide you with all vital information. The client records can be organized by creating client groups with custom discounts and automation rules. Additionally each client profile can have files, notes or queue invoice items assigned to it to give you a complete picture.

Features Under Control

Building mutually beneficial relationships with your customers can be tricky, especially when some customers are less trustworthy than others. That’s why HostBill gives you the power to control what your customers can see and do in your HostBill. It’s totally up to you which client-area features are enabled. You can not only control access to hosting integration functions but also supervise customers behaviour by giving them different privileges (for example the ability to cancel their unpaid receipts).

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