HostBill provide us with a powerful yet flexible software solution that manages all aspects of our business, without HostBill we would simply not be able to do what we do. Any queries we have on any aspects of the software are answered in a very quick professional and friendly manner which cannot be faulted. HostBill offer a super solution at a fantastic price and we couldn't recommend them enough.

Aidan McCarron -

After trying different system, including developing our own system, we came across HostBill and trialed it out for a month. The system grew on us, we liked the simplicity with the hidden power underneath. HostBill gave us everything we needed to run our business, from the orders taken to client management. Having automated processes in place is a must for every business. HostBill can help you achieve this, they support is very responsive and every new update brings new features. We can only recommend this product.

Oliver Bross -

Rebel Networks uses HostBill to fully automate our business. The applications is easy to integrate into our website site and provides us with a full-turn key e-Commerce application right on install. Our customers love the easy to use responsive theme order form and pages that we customized only, since they were auto generated by HostBill. Not only do we recommended hostbill, we will offer to help any business in north America initial learning.

Domenic Macchione -

We at Cartika use HostBill to automate our business. Plenty of pre-built integration modules are available, and we can easily build additional integration modules for our various services. A simple, clean and powerful interface to manage all of our services and enable a single pane of glass approach for our customers for all of our services, across all of our facilities. We are satisfied with HostBill support and very much appreciate the weekly code updates and continual feature enhancements. Cartika highly recommends the HostBill platform for service providers of all sizes.

Andrew Rouchotas -

We have been using the HostBill platform for many years. We have been very happy with the quality and performance of this platform in our rapidly changing environment. The powerful all-in-one client management, billing and support system makes it easy for Netsonic to manage, support and grow our business. The back-end automation allows us to quickly service our customers efficiently and accurately with the advanced automation capabilities. The support is outstanding and the rapid release of updates to remedy any issues appreciated. I highly recommend HostBill for managing your cloud, datacenter and web hosting related businesses.

Adam L. Simpson -

We have had our own customer development software and we were looking for a software solution that could replace our own automated management software. We decided to work together with HostBill and we are very happy that we took this decision. HostBill has a great management and support system and they are always willing to develop new functionalities and modules which is very important for us. Thanks to our cooperation we are able to offer a great management system to our customers.

M. Aslan -

We moved over to HostBill about 1 year ago & have never looked back. HostBill has helped us progress our business to a point where a lot of tasks are now automated, allowing us to focus on communication & supporting our services.

Peter Forslund - InternetPort Sweden

We have been using HostBill services since the founding of GigaCloud company. This platform helped us to automate our sales and become the leader of the Ukrainian cloud market. The main advantage of HostBill is the ability to solve any task that may occur. It is the result of a well-designed architecture and developers flexibility. HostBill integrated ticket system makes our technical support team job much easier. A lot of built-in modules allow launching new products in the short term. After two years of work with HostBill we are sure that have made the right choice

Artem Kohanevich, CEO GigaCloud

HostBill has allowed us to focus on our core business of offering affordable colocation services and hosting. The automate invoicing has yet to fail us and so far everything we use has had top notch integration and excellent support when we needed it.

The team at HostBill has been one of our most valuable business partners over the last 2 years, I would gladly recommend this product to anyone needing to get away from the less professional products out there.

Mitchell Turner

SimplerCloud makes Cloud Hosting services for SMEs simple. Part of that experience requires a billing and provisioning system that was easy to use and flexible to change. We evaluated what was available in the market and choose HostBill for the above two reasons. HostBill was intuitive to use and where the current system could not fit our business requirements, their custom development services had a quick time around. This enabled us to effective get to market faster than we thought would be possible.

If you are considering an investment in HostBill, we would recommend it.

Indra Pramana -

Hostbill provides unique features especially for companies that provide data center services like us. It's a complete datacenter/hosting company management system. Especially provides good IP Management, Stock Management, Co-Location manager. It is a system that has integrated itself into cloud systems, especially CloudStack/OpenStack. Hostbill support team helps us very quickly when We need. We currently have 30,000+ customers and We love Hostbill. We never worry about security and We always recommend Hostbill.

Mert Atakan Cenikut -

We have been using the Hostbill platform for many years. After trying different system, HostBill is the only hosting automation system available that addresses all of our needs. as a billing system for hosting company, HostBill has made it flexible and customizable, and the support is also very responsive. HostBill gave us everything we needed to run our business..

Com Lim -

We offer a wide range of services and HostBill is the only software available that addresses all of our needs. We previously have used modified versions of other billing systems and found that we have to create a lot of work around solutions and custom module development. With HostBill, the vast majority of our needs is covered with the available plugins and only minimal changes were required to suit our unique needs. Our customer experience has been greatly improved because of the tighter integration of services we can provide with HostBill.

Robert Sanders -

We have been using HostBill since ver. 1.6 and have seen constant improvements on the product ever since, so this is very encouraging. We take our business very seriously with customer service and billing being of utmost importance. The HostBill software has provided the platform to do this very well, and with the constant improving shown by the staff, we are confident HostBill will continue to do it in the future.

Rodrigo Fernández -

In looking for a billing system for our customers, we wanted a platform that not only had the features needed for easy client management, robust automation and easy integration with different cloud and server environments, but something that would provide an outstanding customer experience from beginning to end. Our customers have enjoyed the easy-to-use control panel and the integrated features that allow for complete self-management. In the event that an issue does arise, HostBill has done an excellent job resolving our issues and with ongoing patches to their software our platform continues to deliver an excellent experience for our business and more importantly for our customers.

Matt McKinney -

HostBill enables us to fully manage the wide range of services we offer. It is a flexible solution that has the ability to handle everything we throw at it and a whole lot more! If we have any questions or additional requirements then the HostBill team are always on hand to help. They are quick, professional and friendly with a healthy desire to continually push the HostBill product forward. We have been using HostBill for a number of years and have no hesitation in recommending them.

James Metcalf -

Having been in the hosting industry for 9 years we have used almost every billing system available. The flexibility and customization of HostBill has made it the best we have used! The best part of HostBill is the ability to have the features we need developed for us in a short time period (and a reasonable fee). With too many of their competitors we've waited months/years for features that never materialize.

Matt Ayres, ToggleBox

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