Seamless Experience

HostBill provides seamless integration with various control panels, giving your customers the ability to manage all vital aspects of their various services from single, user-friendly client portal that your customers can easily get familiar with. The customer experience is maximally simplified as there’s no need to login to external, third-party services or to remember passwords/links to other software and the staff intervention is needless.

Consistent Interface

Our team of UX/UI specialists spends countless hours on new trends research and development to make sure that your services will be presented to your customers in a modern and attractive fashion before and after signup. With multiple customer portal themes available you can choose and adjust one that suits your business website style.

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Multi-level Contacts Management

HostBill allows you to build flexible contact management structures and grant different access levels and different privileges, depending on the staff member’s role in the organization. Allow accountants browse customer invoices and technicians manage services without disclosure of main login details.

Support Toolbox

Give your customers the communication tools they need to get in touch with you and receive support effectively: through powerful ticketing system or via live chat plugin. The latter proves to be especially useful as the real-time communication rises satisfaction levels.

Furthermore, you can reduce customer service to minimum by offering your customers a self-service knowledge base with a list of helpful articles and a downloads library, where you can create customer-only file collections. Additionally you can post brand updates on news pages to keep your customers up-to-date with company announcements.

Security Under control

As security is absolutely essential we are dedicated to providing your customers with the highest security levels possible. Along with granular permissions for contacts, customers can manage IP addresses permissions: allow or ban given IP from logging into their account.

HostBill offers various two-factor authentication methods as an extra level of security to make sure that no unauthorized person will access your customers data. Additionally, all important customer activity in HostBill is logged, and the customer is given the ability to browse the logs.

White-Label Portal

Branding is the key point in business. HostBill client portals can be completely re-branded with your company styling and according to your specifications, for both your staff and your clients. The client portals by default do not contain any linkbacks indicating the use of a third party software so you can easily make it look like a part of your own brand.

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