Haven't found your system in our integrations list? Let us know. We'd be more than happy to integrate it for you.

Whether you need a specific integration or a completely new app, HostBill is a reliable partner to deliver cost-effective custom software solutions designed to address your needs precisely. Simply let us know the problems your organization struggles with, and we will find a solution. Our skilled specialists will deliver effective solutions in accordance with all specified requirements and within your time and budget limits.

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We can integrate and automate:
Control Panels, Payment Gateways, Domain Registrars, Custom Billing Models, Third party apps, Switches, IPMIs, PDUs, Intranets, Client Portals, Bandwidth Monitors, Environmental Monitors, External Services - anything with interface or build a product from scratch, based on your requirements.

Describe the project you’d like us to work on and we’ll help you to transform ideas into innovative solutions. Please provide us with a thorough and comprehensive description of your project requirements: the more details you give us, the better.

Let us know

  • What would you like us to build for you:
    • an integration with an external system such as Control Panel or Domain registrar (make sure to provide us with its name, website, API docs if available),
    • a standalone app built from ground up or a customization, if you already have a software that you wish to change in any way.
  • What features you'd like to see. If you have a rough idea how your app should be integrated - please describe. You can also check our current integration list, to see if there is one similar to what you want us to achieve.
  • What are your project expectations. Let us know what project timeline satisfies you. Optionally, you can also mention what budget you have for the project.
  • If you’d like to keep deliverable for yourself, or would you like to discuss a discount for sharing this feature with larger audience.

We will carefully revise your project description and get back to you with a price quotation and proposed solutions.

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