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HostBill is self-funded, privately owned company based in Poland. We helped over 2000 companies around the globe from various industries to build their brands on top of a stable billing, automation, support and client management solution that HostBill provides.

The idea to create the platform was born in 2008 from co-founders experience - working as system administrators and software developers in various hosting companies. Over the next 10 years, thanks to the co-founders dedication and passion for programming, HostBill has became the innovation leader, setting trends in the industry.

Fast release cycle and regular updates helped us build strong community behind the product, confirming that HostBill can make thousands of system administrators and hosting companies owners lives better.

HostBill culture

We build our products and services on few key goals


Constant drive for innovation has made HostBill one the most rich-featured solutions for billing and automation and one of the most progressive players in the market.


Powerful capabilities of HostBill have been balanced with simplicity of use. HostBill is clear in its purpose, elegant in its execution and simple in its use.


Complex functionality has not been compromised with dependability.

HostBill is a fast and reliable solution in every aspect.

User feedback

End-user feedback is crucial to our success. We value and take under consideration every suggestion to constantly improve HostBill according to our customers expectations.

Media Resources

If you want to write about HostBill, our products and services, you are welcome to use our marketing materials. When referencing the HostBill brand, please use the logos and follow the guidelines below.

In the Press

"HostBill is a popular billing and automation software for the web hosting industry with thousands of clients (Hosting, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers, Domain name and SSL Resellers) all over the world."

"This cunningly simplistic organization tool covers all areas of company automation to allow companies to focus on what they are good at. HostBill gives a complete overview of customer accounts. This enhanced end to end solution offers automation throughout all areas of your online enterprise"

"With HostBill, sysadmins at companies in the hosting, cloud services, and domain name and SSL reselling businesses can perform multiple aspects of their work using a single platform. The company combines automation, billing, client management, and support functions with 500+ integrations and features — most of which are created in response to customer feedback and the team’s own experience in the hosting space."

We decided to work together with HostBill and we are very happy that we took this decision. HostBill has a great management and support system and they are always willing to develop new functionalities and modules which is very important for us. Thanks to our cooperation we are able to offer a great management system to our customers.

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