HostBill is a powerful platform allowing Telcos and Internet Service Providers deliver the quality and security their customers demand, gain operational efficiency, advance their market position and also build new revenue streams.

The main advantage for Telcos and ISP is HostBill powerful and flexible billing system that offers plenty of billing options to fit every business unique needs. Apart from standard billing models that enable automated recurring billing on either Pre-Paid (payment in advance) or Post-Paid (payment after the service was used) basis with daily, weekly, monthly or annual billing cycle, HostBill offers a variety of more sophisticated models such as metered (fee based on resources usage over time), bandwidth (fee based on bandwidth usage/overages) or hourly (prices updated hourly with invoices generated on monthly basis) billing.

Internet Service Providers can particularly benefit from FreeRadius integration. The module enables to sell and automatically provision any RADIUS-Authenticated service such as VPN, VoIP, Proxy or Internet Access, providing multiple options to expand service offerings. As for Telcos and ISPs companies it’s crucial to have extensive real-time knowledge of their assets and data transfer HostBill offers a choice of monitoring tools that give the ability to keep track of data transfer and display usage graphs and overage projections in both client and admin panels. Additionally, as effective customer relationship management plays a vital role in Telcos and ISPs success, HostBill Support and Client Management system will grant access to a set of functionalities that will help any company provide outstanding customer support service.

Why HostBill for Telcos and ISPs?

Automated provisioning

Customer resources are automatically provisioned on your control panel. HostBill takes care of service lifecycle including: suspensions, upgrades, etc.

Custom Automation

Create global & per-account automation actions triggered on various billing events. Execute your custom scripts & hooks depending on service lifecycle.

Measure & Bill for bandwidth

Use RRD data from your favourite monitoring app to precisely measure bandwidth customer devices consumed, and bill for it accordingly with overage charges support.

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