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IP Address Manager module is designed to organize and track unlimited number of IP addresses in your organization/company/department. The module lets you sell and manage IP addresses with automated reverse DNS management, IPv6/IPv4 support, RWhois server, VLAN management and IP provisioning.

No matter how many IPs your company manages, whether it's just /29 subnet for personal use, number of private IPs for internal project or large customer network - you will find IPAM useful.

Forget about using prehistoric tools like text documents, Excel/spreadsheets, Dropbox or Google Documents to manage your IP addresses - keep everything in one place, accessible to your selected staff members at any time.

IP Manager supports full management of both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. With just one click staff members can split subnets to smaller sections. Connecting two subnets into one is just as simple - just one mouse click. Multiple subnets are easily manageable in a tree hierarchy. When adding new subnet to IPAM you can auto-fill IP list and add entire IP range to existing subnets. IPAM enables IP/Subnet ownership management - you can easily assign customer managed in HostBill to a subnet/IP within IPAM and assign IP/Subnet to customer service.

IPAM provides VLAN management options: you can create and manage unlimited VLAN groups and VLANs and assign subnets to VLAN manually or automatically. IPAM also helps with tracking VLANs utilisation with simple bar graphs.


  • IPv4, IPv6 support
  • Unlimited IP storage
  • IP/Subnet assignments
  • VLAN management
  • Usage charts
  • Subnetting tools (splits & merges)
  • Audit log

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