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Colocation Manager is an extremely rich-featured tool to help you store and manage Servers, Switches, PDUs, KVMs, Blade Systems, Zero-U devices and more. This is one of most powerful HostBill modules which makes integral part of HostBill Data Center edition.

Colocation Manager is a cutting-edge, advanced and complete solution for complex Datacenter management that ensures efficiency in all operations. With its powerful functionalities, Colocation Manager provides data center managers with the ability to better organize and manage existing inventory and assets, seamlessly provision new inventory and plan and optimize the capacity. Thanks to real-time monitoring that module provides you can easily control your infrastructure while variety of automation features included in this module will improve productivity.

As HostBill modules are designed to work together, you can extend the Colocation Manager functionalities by connecting it to IP Address Manager and Inventory Manager modules.

  • Integration Features:
  • Devices
  • Racks
  • Billing
  • Modules
  • Documentation
  • Changelog

Colocation Manager lets you define and store unlimited device categories and types. You can organize inventory templates by manufacturers and vendors and adjust basic item template attributes, such as current, power, weight or base price. When managing the inventory you can setup custom item fields and upload image representation for your inventory templates. Each item can have multiple configurations stored, configurations can be compared in visual diff tool.


  • Device configurator - define any device type with custom fields. Control device relationships, related service & owner, store admin notes.
  • Graphs manager - assign any graph from your faviourite Network monitoring software
  • Connection manager - connect your devices accross racks, store informations about network and power connections
  • Switch manager - control switch ports assigned to your device from one place
  • Power manager - control state of power sockets attached to your device
  • Configuration manager - store unlimited device configurations, compare configurations for changes with visual diff tool
  • IP manager - when IPAM plugin is available, manage device IPs directly from one place
  • Device logs - any action taken within Colocation Manager is logged for easy audits

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