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Password Manager module lets you manage your passwords from HostBill and share them with selected staff members and/or clients in a secure way. The module gives you control over who can view, edit and delete password at the per-password level.

Passwords are encrypted using AES 256 algorithm, making them immune to brute-force attacks. Each password permission is securely stored in database and additionally protected from manual database edits. Any action taken on password, including revealing it, is logged into audit log. If a member of staff is inactive for few minutes they will be asked to reauthorize before accessing any password.

With all the features mentioned above, Password Manager module ensures the highest security of your passwords!

  • Secure storage for passwords
  • Granular password access control
  • Database manipulation protection
  • Password metadata storage
  • Automatic logout on inactivity detection
  • Random password generator
  • Audit Log
  • Share password with click-to-copy one-time links
  • Replace plain-text passwords with click-to-copy one-time links
  • Copy password with one click, without revealing it
  • Divide passwords into categories
  • Assign password or entire category to a customer
  • Create sub-categories under password categories
  • Browse and assign password to client service in service details screen
  • Use admin teams to declare ACL for password/category
  • Popup widgets for adding/assigning passwords, rather than redirect to separate page

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