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Support Time and Performance Tracker module lets you measure and analyze your support staff performance as well as find and fix any bottlenecks in your daily support operations. The module helps you to organize your support tasks by creating different job types that the tickets can be assigned to. Every ticket has its own custom timetable and every second your staff spends working on support thread is logged.

By tracking time spent working on each ticket, the module helps you not only to create list of top time-consuming customers and check which job types require most time spent on support but also track and analyze your support staff performance - you can easily check which staff member resolves issues the fastest and who is spending most time to resolve common problems.

  • Track time spent on each ticket
  • Display active Time Trackers in a widget
  • List top time-consuming clients
  • Check performance/time per staff member
  • Find Support Bottlecks
  • Organize Common Support Job types
  • Log Tickets Timetables
  • Edit timetables if necessary

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