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Live chat module is a perfect marketing, communication and analytics tool for your website. The module provides real-time chat communication in web browser with your clients and website visitors turning them into clients and gives you real-time insights into website traffic showing how visitors use your website. Live Chat lets you engage website visitors to chat, assist with purchases, provide live support and as a result, eliminate abandoned shopping carts. To help you communicate more efficiently, you can create canned responses and create multiple chat departments. What's more, unanswered messages automatically open support tickets.

Using free GeoIP database HostBill Live Chat can track your visitors' location with 96% accuracy. The tool gives you information not only about the visitor’s country, region and city, but also browser and operating system, IP and hostname. You can also view visitor location on Google Maps from the chat interface. The real-time footprint information that Live Chat provides can help you learn how visitors use your website. It also provides referral information (lets you know where your clients come from) and google-search keywords information. Furthermore, the module measures time spent on site for every page visited and auto-recognizes returning visitors and registered customers. You can use Live Chat on multiple websites with just one backend/admin panel.

The module is very easy to integrate - no programming skills required! With just 3 mouse clicks you can generate easy to use widget to put on your website. No file modification is required to customize your chat status or invitation images - you can simply upload them directly from your browser. With the module you can use different status and invitation widgets for different websites or even parts of your website. As the chat uses open-source front end and easy to edit templates, it’s extremely easy to modify.

Boost your marketing and drive more sales thanks to Live Chat module now!


  • No operators limits
  • Categorized Canned Responses with usage statistics
  • Chat History, printable transcripts
  • Seamless integration with HostBill Ticketing system
  • Ban unwanted visitors from using chat
  • Install on own server, keep control
  • Automated conversation routing between multiple staff members
  • Multi-language support

User tracking:

  • Free GeoIP tracking, no database update fees
  • Visitor browser & operating system information
  • Engage website visitors to chat
  • Real-time footprint information - learn how visitors use your website
  • Use on multiple websites with just one backend/admin panel
  • Referral information - let you where your clients come from
  • Time spent on site - for each page visited
  • Auto-recognize returning vistors and registered customers - with previous chats history
  • Google-search keywords

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