12 Jan, 2023


IP2Location is a provider of IP geolocation technology and database products, widely used in securing, enhancing and customizing Internet experience. IP2Proxy Proxy Detection Database contains IP addresses which are used as VPN anonymizers, open proxies, web proxies and Tor exits, data center, web hosting (DCH) range, search engine robots (SES) and residential proxies (RES). Anonymous proxy servers are intermediate servers meant to hide the real identity or IP address of the requestor and are often used for online credit card fraud and spamming. With IP2Proxy integration you can check customer order for potential Proxy use and reject orders from selected types of proxies, countries, certain ISP types or IP2Proxy threats detected. The verification can be omitted for admin orders.

  • Check customer order for potential Proxy use
  • Reject orders from selected countries
  • Reject orders from selected types of proxies
  • Reject orders from certain ISP types
  • Reject orders with certain IP2Proxy threats detected
  • Prevent verification from admin orders

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