24 May, 2023


MaxMind MinFraud module provides various informations about the risk of order being fraudulent and can be just a simple help when accepting orders manually or it can automatically block fraudulent orders/clients.

The module analyses information about the order sent by HostBill and checks overall fraud score, geographical IP address location and information about high risk IP addresses and emails. With all the information gathered, MinFraud module can automatically reject high risk and free emails, country mismatch, anonymous proxy and orders based on maximum fraud risk score. When the fraud is detected you can automatically block fraudulent IP. The MaxMind check can be skipped for returning customers and admin orders.

  • Check customer order for potential Fraud
  • Define acceptable MaxMind Risk score
  • Auto-Reject customers with free and high-risk emails
  • Auto-Reject orders on country mismatch
  • Auto-Reject orders coming from Anonymous Proxies
  • Auto-Reject orders coming from high-risk countries
  • Prevent verification from returning clients
  • Prevent verification from admin orders
  • Auto-ban fraudulent IPs
  • Log output of MaxMind verification in order details

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