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Why paying recurring fee on your client's hosts monitoring, when you can use your HostBill for that! The module allows you to deploy monitoring node with ease, and scale when needed. Thanks to this integration you can offer monitoring for free - as a sub-product to your cloud/dedicated offering, or charge per monitoring with premium check interval. You can also limit monitored hosts per customer account in monitoring package configuration.

As an administrator you can spin up and install monitoring tool on unlimited machines, and distribute customer signups for monitoring across them. You can choose between classic ICMP ping or HTTP request to check whether customer service is up/down and configure how often monitoring node should “ping” customer host to check the status. Cloud Monitoring can use Hostbill built-in mobile notification to alert customer about host/service being down - you decide how many ""host down"" counts should trigger notification.

Cloud Monitoring module has a wide range of automation features. With Cloud Monitoring you can auto-monitor customer IPs - customer-owned IPs are automatically added after signup. When host-down event is detected, Cloud Monitoring can automatically open support ticket for customer alerting him about the event. Once support ticket about host-down event is opened and host comes back up, ticket can be automatically closed to prevent from unnecessary support operations. Cloud Monitoring can also send either text messages or email notifications from predefined/configurable template alerting about host down/host up events.

The client are gives your customer the possibility to add hosts to monitor in Cloud Monitoring within limits configured by staff member. For each host added to monitor, the client can browse its response times and responsiveness graphs in client portal. It is also possible to browse past monitoring response times. The customer can also remove from monitoring obsolete hosts.

Admin features

  • ICMP / HTTP / HTTPS / UDP / TCP Monitored Protocols
  • Setup Unlimited Monitoring Nodes
  • Auto-Send Sms On Host-Down Event
  • Setup monitoring intervals
  • Setup free/paid monitoring packages
  • Define alert thresholds
  • Setup unresponsive time thresholds

Automation features

  • Auto-monitor customer Ips
  • Auto-open ticket when customer host is down
  • Auto-close ticket when host is back up
  • Auto-send email on host-down event
  • Auto-send sms on host-up event
  • Easy install script for new monitoring nodes
  • Notify selected staff on host up/down event

Client area features

  • Purchase monitoring
  • Add host to monitor
  • Browse monitoring/responsiveness graphs
  • Track past monitoring data
  • Remove hosts from monitor

Some feature is missing?

Contact us and provide its details. We'd be happy to build it for you.

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