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The Status Update module allows you to provide quick status updates on your site. The module features status notifications for affected clients using HostBill ticketing system and additional client area page where scheduled events are displayed on a calendar.

When creating new status staff member can choose Servers/Apps and/or Products related to event. This way customers who own services related to event can be automatically notified. Notification tickets are virtual and are not displayed in admin or client area; your clients can also unsubscribe from those notifications with one click. Staff working on the problem can post updates for other staff or customers about the progress. Once the problem is resolved, tickets auto-opened for this event will be closed. The module allows to schedule future events to allow clients track upcoming maintenance work.


  • Create/schedule/edit events
  • Post status updates to events
  • Post status/updates in all enabled client languages
  • Assign event to a servers / products / OnApp HV
  • Create public ticket for event, updated/closed automatically
  • Preview customers/services impacted by event before submitting
  • Select public/individual tickets for notifications
  • Create & manage re-usable status templates for faster status submissions
  • Create & manage status types (i.e: Planned maintenance, Outage, DDoS) & assign colors to them


  • Automated Notifications for clients impacted by event
  • Auto-close Notification ticket on resolved event


  • Browse past/current/future events & updates
  • Get notified with dismissable bar across all client portal pages

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