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Lexoffice offers a range of bookkeeping and payroll services designed to meet the needs of many different small to medium size businesses. From simple one off final accounts and self assessments to more complex online packages maintained weekly, monthly or quarterly. HostBill integration allows to export invoices from HostBill to lexoffice - as lexoffice Invoices or as Vouchers. Invoices can be exported either manually or automatically as soon as the invoice is generated or when the invoice is paid in full. lexoffice-generated PDF documents can be automatically downloaded and replace HostBill-generated PDF for invoice in admin and client UI. The module also enables to customize invoices: add customer salutation and introductory text on invoice, as well as configure tax types and rules and credit settings.

  • Auto-Export Invoices as lexoffice Invoices or Vouchers
  • Bulk & manual invoice export
  • Auto-download lexoffice-generated pdf document
  • Configure tax/export/credit settings

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