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New HostBill Version: 04/16/2015

  • [Admin] Language selection in email templates displays wrong tab
  • [Admin] Price for servers with free domains is not recalculated tu user currency
  • [Admin] Saving mass email as a template generates error
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New HostBill Version: 03/30/2015

  • [Admin] Creating new email templates doesn't use syntax highlighting
  • [Admin] Fail email template save clears all inputs
  • [Admin] Csv sample file is displayed in-line
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New HostBill Version: 03/21/2015

  • [OnApp] firewall management doesn't work with other languages
  • [Reports] Row striping is incorrect on custom reports
  • [Reports] Header column contains ticks for custom reports
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Coming Soon

DCI Manager Integration

Automate Dedicated Servers Management with DCI Manager
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Acronis Backup As A Service Integration

Online backup solution
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Schleifenbauer (Colocation - Power Reading)

Power bar statistics based on kw/h
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Provision Parallels Licenses & More
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