Hosting Automation

With HostBill you can create, suspend, unsuspend and terminate accounts automatically.

You can purchase more than 30 Provisioning modules for your HostBill, including:

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Simple Order Forms

Move bricks theme. Single order page for VPS hosting.
Order Page for Shared Hosting
Sell dedicated servers with HostBill!

Manage Invoices

Create Invoice and add fields
Send Invoice, Download in PDF Format, Send a Payment Remainder

Fast Config - Premade Forms

If you want to set up your products configuration fast - there is no better way than to use premade fields. Just copy config url, paste it in field configuration and HostBill will do all the magic for you! Watch 40 seconds How-To Video



  • Dedicated Server Addon
    HostBill addon to manage dedicated servers, colocations, racks, switches etc.
  • Support Tickets: Custom Fields
    Addon will automatically ask your clients for necessary data like root password/login details etc. on the New Ticket screen.
  • End Of Shift Report Form
    This addon enables employee to write report with closed/resolved tickets during his/her shift.
  • IP Address Management
    IPAM module is designed to organize and track IP addresses in your organization/company/department.


  • cPanel: Traffic & Disk Usage Monitor
    Script will check if accounts have overused their monthly bandwidth limit. Allows to suspend accounts, generate invoices and automatically unsuspend on received payment.
  • cPanel: DataSync
    DataSync connect with Server and synchronize all data (domains,usernames, etc) between Cpanel and HostBill.
  • CSV Data Exporter
    This utility is able to generate csv reports for Accounts/Domains/Clients/Transactions/Invoices.
  • PpalSaver
    Can change next invoice date for client items, so they will appear on single invoice = you will pay lower PayPal fees.
  • SEO Plugin
    This plugin allows to set own meta data like title, description or keywords to your HostBill pages.