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Migration manager is the tool to keep your migrations organised and related clients updated. With Migration Manager addon you can store scenarios how to move accounts between two servers or two control panels, migrate customer account from competitors, move from one hardware model to newer one or upgrade control panel/server software.

The module lets you create re-usable migration scenarios divided into different steps with attached files or notes. Related staff members are notified about migration they need to perform and related customer received auto-ticket notification when migration starts. Optionally you can also auto-notify customer on migration status updates using Support Tickets. The migrations can be scheduled to automatically open in the future. As migrations are likely to occur again, the how-to knowledge is kept in your Migration Manager tool.

  • Keep "how-to migrate" knowledge in one tool:
  • Move accounts between servers
  • Move accounts between two control panels
  • Migrate customer account from competitor
  • Upgrade control panel/server software
  • Move from one hardware model to newer one

  • Create re-usable migration scenarios
  • Divide scenarios into steps, upload files/notes to each step
  • Set up auto-notification for related customer on migration start
  • Schedule migrations to auto-start in future
  • Notifiy staff member about migration they need to perform
  • Auto-notify customer on migration step updates using Support Tickets

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