Affiliate System plugin for HostBill will let you implement affiliate program in your company to increase your sales, gain more traffic and improve search engine rankings. This rich-featured affiliate solution is seamlessly integrated with HostBill billing and automation features, making it completely hassle-free.

Commission plans

With HostBill Affiliate System module you can create unlimited and flexible commission plans, with various commission rates. The commission rates can be set depending on the product price or service billing cycle, and can be either a fixed price or a percentage. You can also set plans with recurring commissions, so you can affiliate can get paid each time referred customer pays for service. The module gives you the opportunity to delay each commission for approval, to reduce money lost from fraudulent orders. Money earned by affiliates can be used as store-credit with your HostBill.

  • Percentage or fixed commissions
  • Recurring commissions available
  • Easy to add marketing tools like banners or links
  • Built-in bonuses for becoming affiliate

Affiliate vouchers

With easy to use Affiliate Vouchers feature your affiliates will be able to generate coupon codes that will give discount to referred sign-ups. Discount comes from your affiliate commission, and its up to affiliate to decide how much money they want to earn from each referred customer. You get a new customer, the affiliate gets commission, and the end customer is happy from the discount received – a win-win situation.


HostBill automates the whole process making the affiliate program completely hassle-free part of your business. HostBill will automatically track each sale that came from your affiliate and calculate the commission based on predefined rates. With monthly automated reports your affiliates are up-to-date with their earnings.


The number of affiliate features built into HostBill do not end here. Management features in HostBill Affiliate System also include:

  • Creating multi-level affiliates, where parent gets % from sub-affiliate commissions
  • Setting custom rate/affiliate per account
  • Overriding one-off/recurring commissions
  • Assigning orders, clients, accounts to an affiliate manually

Some feature is missing?

Contact us and provide its details. We'd be happy to build it for you.

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