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As the cloud market evolves quickly, the potential customers want to test the service fast before deciding to stay with you longer. Filling out registration forms is viewed as the waste of time. Hence the Cloud Signup addon that enables fast client signup with just email and password to register for Cloud Service. After the signup the module can automatically add selected service to customer account. The module also allows social media sign-up / sign-in, using Facebook, Twitter, Google or Github accounts as convenient register and login method for returning customers. Optionally you can require adding funds to account before enabling the client to proceed with the service usage or ask the client to update the profile with full details after signup. You can also choose to require email address confirmation after signup, by visiting activation page link received by email.

  • Fast signup with email and password
  • Signup/login using social-media profile:
    • Google+
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Github
    • Twitch
    • Wordpress
    • Steam
    • Discord
    • LinkedIn
    • PayPal
    • DropBox
  • Create multiple/unlimited landing pages with different designs


  • Auto-order product after signup
  • Add more fields to signup form
  • Require positive credit balance after signup
  • Require full client details after signup
  • Verify client email after signup

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