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Gateway per Client module was created to help you manage incoming transactions and increase security. The gateway per Client module allows to define gateway availability rules and decide which payment gateways will be available for specific client, group, product, account billing cycle or customer country. The module also helps to reduce chargebacks costs and can be especially useful if you want to give the customer the ability to pay for the order that was marked as fraud. In this case HostBill can automatically limit the choice of gateways available for customer i.e: only to those that does not allow customer to refund (ie. Bitcoin payment).

Define gateway availability rules:

  • Default set for new clients
  • Default set to display in cart
  • Per client profile
  • Per client group
  • Per product
  • Per product/account billing cycle
  • Per customer country

Reduce chargeback costs:

  • Auto-limit gateways available to customer who made fraud order.
  • Allow to pay for fraudulent order using subset of your supported gateways (ie using Bitcoin)

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