14 Nov, 2022


The Prowl mobile notification module allows you to notify both your staff members and customers about important events in HostBill using Prowl iPhone push service. Your staff can be notified about various ticket events (new ticket, ticket status changed, new ticket note, ticket reply and more). The notifications can be send only for tickets with selected priority level or only to selected departments. Staff notifications can also concern new orders and new transactions, new chat messages and also failed domain or account automation or failed login. The module can be also used to notify your clients about new invoices, ticket replies etc and to send reminders about service expiration or payment dates.

As HostBill modules are designed to work together, apart from standard HostBill event notifications, you can use this module to get notifications from other modules as well, for example Cloud Monitoring (to get notification when the website is down) or SMS Verification (to get verification code).

Notify Clients about:

  • Billing-related events
  • Support-ticket events (new ticket, new reply etc.)
  • Hosting accounts events (new passwords, account created)
  • Domain events - renewals, expirations

Notify staff about:

  • Billing-related events
  • Support events (new ticket, new reply etc.)
  • New orders
  • Failed logins
  • Automation failures
  • Incoming payments

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