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The Customer Rewards plugin was designed to help you build your customer loyalty. With this plugin you can reward your customers by adding to their account a certain amount of points for certain events, such as: registration, adding contacts, ordering certain products, adding security rules, signing up to your affiliate program, having active profile for a certain number of days or adding credits to their account. Once the customers collect a specific amount of points you can reward them with: credit - specified credit amount added to the customer account, promotion to a client group - changing the customer group to the selected one (for example Priority Support etc) pr a coupon code - assigning the specific pre-defined promotional code to the client. The customers can be notified about points and rewards via email or message in their client area.

  • Integration Features:
  • Features
  • Available rewards
  • Documentation
  • Changelog
  • Define events / actions the client performs in HostBill upon which the points will be assigned to customer account
  • Specify number of points needed for a reward
  • Reward customers with: credit, coupon codes or promotion to another client group
  • Send out email or client area notifications

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