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MailChimp is one of the world’s leading providers of marketing automation tools for e-commerce businesses. With our newly developed MailChimp module for HostBill you can integrate your HostBill store and customer data with your MailChimp account to help you better connect with your audience, advertise your products, sell more stuff, and grow your business.

MailChimp module enables you to move all your existing customer information and automatically subscribe new customers to your selected MailChimp customer list(s). Thanks to the integration you can easily add personalized or dynamic content into your email campaigns by assigning your client registration field values to MailChimp merge fields. You can also assign clients to your interest groups in your MailChimp list - to help you target your customers with precision. Your clients' shopping cart data and orders from HostBill can be reflected in MailChimp to help you increase the relevance of your marketing activities, notify about abandoned carts, create targeted campaigns and send personalized notifications.

Customers / Subscribers:

  • Automatically subscribe new clients to selected MailChimp list
  • Bulk export existing clients to the MailChimp list
  • Assign client registration fields values to MailChimp merge fields
  • Assign a client to configured interest groups in the MailChimp list


  • Push shopping cart data to MailChimp e-commerce (Abandoned Carts)
  • Reflect client orders from HostBill in the MailChimp e-commerce
  • Auto-update MailChimp store products upon HostBill product changes

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