14 Nov, 2022


WebHooks plugin allows you to hook up external systems with HostBill and to send notifications to external scripts using webhooks - an user-defined HTTP callbacks. A webhook is a way to provide other applications with real-time information on pre-defined events and implement events reactions. It works by sending http requests with event data to url defined in your webhook. As the notifications are sent immediately once the event happens, the webhook provides real-time data, making it very efficient.

  • Create & send unlimited webhooks on various events
  • Reuse single webhook on multiple events
  • Validate requests using webhook secret/sign
  • Log recent webhook executions with date, time and HTTP response status
  • Disable SSL certificate validation of webhook endpoint
  • Enable/disable webhook during testing
  • List all events available to use as webhook in human-readable form
  • Auto-generated documentation for event details and request validation

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