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Resell VPS Hosting services using white-labeled DigitalOcean module


DigitalOcean is a cloud service where developers can easily deploy a blazing fast SSD cloud servers called droplets. DigitalOcean accelerates software development to give developers more time to build features instead of spending it on managing their infrastructure. With DigitalOcean module for HostBill you can resell DigitalOcean droplets and are free to charge for OS templates, regions or droplets size.

HostBill lets you automate provisioning of DigitalOcean’s droplets, providing your customers with nice client area GUI to control their services. The client panel offers the variety of possibilities, from creating and destroying the droplets to setting SSH keys and injecting them to droplets. Admin area on the other hand lets you keep everything under control, from billing details, through the account lifecycle to client area sections access.

  • Integration Features:
  • Billing
  • Client Area
  • Admin Area
  • Documentation
  • Changelog
  • Resell DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Sell VPS Hosting
  • Charge for:
    • OS Templates,
    • Regions,
    • Droplet Size,
    • Private networking,
    • IPv6,
    • Monitoring,
    • Auto-backup


  • Create Account
  • Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate
  • Upgrade / Downgrade Package

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