14 Nov, 2022 2.20200210

Charge for Backup space on your R1Soft Server-powered Backup solution


R1 Soft is a fast, scalable, multi-tenant server backup manager. R1Soft Server Backup module for HostBill allows you to resell your backup space and bill customers depending on number of servers or charge for backup quota and backup frequency, as well as automatically provision user and volume upon client signup. The client area gives your client full control over the account. The customer can choose backup frequency and manage backup policies: replication, merge and verification schedules. Additionally, the client can also easily manage disk safes and servers from the easy to navigate and user-friendly interface.

  • Integration Features:
  • Billing
  • Client Area
  • Admin Area
  • Documentation
  • Changelog
  • Sell Backup Space
  • Charge per server limit
  • Charge per backup quota
  • Charge per backup frequency


  • Create account / Set Limits
  • Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate
  • Upgrade / downgrade account

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