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HostBill Support Ticketing System is the best way to communicate with your customers. Support Fields plugin is an addition to HostBill Ticketing System that enables to organize and manage tickets more efficiently and to reduce spam messages. . Using Support Fields plugin you can create forms consisting of unlimited number of fields that your customer need to go through before submitting the ticket. Forms can be displayed on the same page where the ticket is created on a separate page, either in a wizard style (where you can configure a number of steps the client needs to go through before submitting the ticket) or on a single page. The plugin features various field types to enable you to gather information you need in a form that is best suitable for you. Fields can contain default value, they can be marked as required and can be verified against admin-defined regex. Fields can be easily edited, rearranged by drag & drop and temporarily hidden from the form, if needed. Once the form is created, it will be automatically displayed to clients wishing to submit a ticket to a certain department. The forms are attached to the ticket enabling staff members to view the details in admin portal. Provide your customers with the support they deserve thanks to HostBill support apps!

  • Create and assign forms to support departments
  • Create multiple form types:
    • Wizard form (divided into steps) on separate page
    • One-step form on separate page
    • In-line ticket form
  • Allow admin to submit and edit forms for client
  • Auto-submit ticket auto filling form
  • Assign unlimited form fields to ticket, including:
    • input boxes
    • encrypted inputs
    • checkboxes
    • radioboxes
    • date picker
    • selects
    • related service picker
    • related ticket picker
    • text block
    • scrollable text block
    • link/urls

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