HostBill provides flexible and automated helpdesk software with multitude of features that allows your support team to be organized, focused, efficient and effective and to provide exceptional customer service.

The Ticketing System UI integrates seamlessly into HostBill admin panel ensuring your staff members will have all customer tickets at their fingertips across all HostBill sections. HostBill ticketing system can be used as a channel of communication with both registered and non-registered customers. Non-registered users can access their ticket details by special access link sent over via email Our Ticketing System has Ajax-Based interface, which means all actions and content are loaded asynchronously in the background for rapid UI responsiveness and is compliant with Networked Helpdesk guidelines – an initiative that allows you to connect multiple communication streams together to provide great customer experience.


Everyone has different methods of work, therefore in HostBill Ticketing System each staff member can create their own custom ticket view to customize the workflow. All support tickets can be easily organised by tags, that enable filtering ticket listing by tag presence or lack of it. Staff members can also search tickets using HostBill smart search feature. Tickets can have different priority levels, assigned by staff or optionally by customer as well and different statuses, that can be customized to fit your industry. You can also create multiple incoming message filters and check support ticket elements for common patterns to teach your ticketing system which support messages to pass through, and which ones to reject.


  • Custom Ticket view
  • Ticket tags
  • Ticket Priorities
  • Smart search
  • Custom ticket statuses
  • Multiple incoming messages filters


The Ticketing System allows to apply bulk actions to work on multiple similar tickets at once - just select few tickets and apply a macro to them - no need to go through every single ticket to escalate or update it! As certain replies are sent more than once - you can never repeat yourself again - with one click assign predefined reply to ticket, hit ‘send’ and you're ready for next tickets! Each predefined reply can be stored as macro - create reusable macros so later with one click you can change ticket status, priority, assignments, ticket tags, and share ticket. Each staff member can also have their own custom list of most commonly used macros. Support tickets can be automatically escalated to higher levels if not responded on time. Escalated tickets can then have automatically applied macros. You can also configure certain departments to auto-close support tickets if no actions has been taken.


  • Bulk actions
  • Predefined replies
  • Automated Macro Actions
  • Favorite Macros List
  • Automatic escalations
  • Auto-close inactive tickets


To help you better organize your support team work, with HostBill Ticketing System you can create as many support departments as needed. Each staff member can be assigned to a single or multiple departments. Staff members can also be automatically assigned to work on a thread based on round-robin algorithm. Departments can be accessible through email and/or web-UI only. To improve communication, your staff members can communicate on each ticket thread individually using ticket notes - a mini chat for staff members to work together on ticket. HostBill provides live updates, so if one staff member is working on a certain ticket, all other team members will know about it. All actions taken on the ticket are logged - responses, status changes and more - to give the management ability to supervise ticket history at any given point.


  • Multi-Department support
  • Staff auto-assignment
  • Ticket Notes tool
  • Live updates
  • Ticket actions log


New tickets can be created by both your customers or your staff inside the ticketing system. You can also enable email import directly from your inbox to fetch support emails and automatically turn them into tickets or ticket replies. Emails can be imported from multiple mailboxes using email forwarding or by allowing ticketing system to log-in to email to fetch messages. All messages imported from your support mailboxes are logged for your future reference. Imported messages turned into tickets can be automatically filtered and scanned to see if a certain ticket macro can be used or to apply predefined response, change ticket priority, status and more. The system also gives you the tool to learn what IP the customer sent the email from and what submission method was used as well as to edit ticket CC list. With our Ticketing System your staff have the opportunity to reply to support tickets virtually from anywhere: tickets can be replied to via email which will be then automatically imported into the system.


  • Multiple Mailbox email import
  • Import Email Replies From Staff Members
  • Ticket Import Information
  • Ticket Import Log
  • Examine ticket message to auto-apply action


Our built-in notification system can notify your staff and/or your customer about new tickets or events in existing tickets that they have access to either via email or on their mobile devices. HostBill also enables notifications directly in your Slack channel or on your desktop. Your staff members can receive notification about all or selected tickets, by subscribing to ticket email notifications.


  • Mobile notifications (iOS/Android)
  • Email notifications
  • Slack notifications
  • Desktop notifications
  • Ticket Subscriptions


If you need to bill your customers for the ticket, you can either send the invoice instantly or add the charge to the next recurring invoice. As different tickets can be billed differently, you can create custom pricing for each task type your support team performs. Additionally, the time spent working on a given ticket can be recorded to enable you to bill accordingly.


  • Instant Support Invoice Or Bill-Later
  • Custom Support Rates
  • Built-In Time Tracking

Client features

To reduce time spent on support we enabled Knowledgbase hint feature. When your client starts typing ticket message in your client portal the ticketing system will auto-suggest best matching knowledgebase article. Your clients can also have access to archive support messages for their reference. You can give your client the ability to reopen support ticket (in case it was closed by accident) and the opportunity to rate your support staff responses. Staff replies can be also quoted with just one mouse click.


  • Reopen Support Ticket
  • Knowledgebase Hints
  • Ticket Archive Access
  • Staff Response Ratings/Statistics
  • Click To Quote

Some feature is missing?

Contact us and provide its details. We'd be happy to build it for you.

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