08 Feb, 2024


Metered Plan is an elegant, simple, minimalistic and flexible template that works well with any type of product offered. Wizard-style checkout means your clients configure their order step-by-step on separate screens.

Wizard-style checkout

Order process is divided into steps (from 3 to 6 steps, depending on package configuration complexity). Customer follows each step from package selection, trough its configuration options up to payment method selection and entering registration details in separate steps/pages.

Multiple currency support

You can offer your new customers option to choose their preferred currency during checkout. After signing up selected currency will be used as default one for this customer

Multi-language support

Orderpages as other HostBill areas are translatable, you can offer your visitors option to choose their preferred language.

Unlimited forms (configuration options)

Products sold with this order-page can offer unlimited configuration options including sliders, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, input boxes, textareas and more. Learn more

Sub-products support

You can configure your product to consist of multiple, optional but related sub-products that your customers can choose during checkout

Product Add-ons support

Product add-ons are separately billed, small enrichments to your main product. Addons can be free or have own recurring billing scheme (ie. Product purchased can have monthly cycle, while addon can be one-time-fee)

Ajax cart simulation

Each action taken by customer in cart simulates costs in order summary, so customer sees updates of their total costs instantly, without need of final form submission

Direct-cart links

Orderpage works with direct cart links – allowing your customers to purchase hidden packages or packages linked directly from your website.

Multiple products

Most orderpages can works well with more than one product per orderpage – customer can choose package that fits his requirements most

Promotional codes

Generate promotional codes for your customers to use. Codes can allow your new or returning customers to save during singup and/or on recurring fees. Learn more

Multiple billing cycles support

Offer one-time, free, recurring packages (Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Semi-Annually, Annually, Bi-Annually)

Multi-cart compatibility

Offer your customers unique ability to order multiple products from different categories in one checkout session Learn more

100+ payment gateways support

HostBill comes with more than 80 built-in payment gateways modules, including credit card processors and offsite payment processors. Client can choose one of gateways you support

Inline-credit card form

If you allow your clients to use credit cards as their preferred payment method

Client notes

Give your clients ability to enter additional notes during their checkout process.

Custom/flexible client registration fields

Edit registration fields you require your clients to input. Easily add input, select boxes, checkboxes , remove unwanted fields

Captcha during signup

Enable captcha to for first line of defense against spambots

Force terms of service acceptance

Configure url for terms of service that your customers need to agree on upon signup

Domain registration with product

Your products can be configured to offer domain registration. Domain registration form is embedded into orderpage, so your customers does not need to leave ordering process to add multiple domains to their cart.

Domain transfer with product

Additionally you can also offer domain transfers as a part of products you sell. Domain transfer form is easily embeddable into your orderpage with simple admin option.

Allow client enter own domain

If your products require domain name to register it, you can let your clients to enter their current domain name when configuring product.

Offer free subdomain

Additionally, if product requires domain name you can offer free subdomain with this product.

New / returning customers

Orderpage comes with new/returning customer select option, allowing your new clients to register during checkout, or returning customers to log-in.

Total due today / Recurring price display

Order summary shows total due for customer to pay today, and recurring fee/recurring cycle if package is configured with such

Multi-level tax support

Orderpage supports taxation of your products with two tax levels, inclusive or exclusive tax and tax exception rules you can define in admin panel

Source code included / open for modifications

Orderpage is shipped in non-encrypted HTML/CSS files that are easy to edit by your team's developer. You can match orderpage with your website's look & feel

Support for returning customer credit

If your returning customer have credit on his profile, it will be auto-applied to his order during order process, so total due today can be lowered

Some feature is missing?

Contact us and provide its details. We'd be happy to build it for you.

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