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Sell hosting services with HostBill and ApisCP


ApisCP is an open-source hosting platform for PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects; built by a hosting company for hosting. The ApisCP module for HostBill is a perfect tool to sell hosting services with automated account management. Thanks to HostBill everything happens automatically - from creating the account, through suspensions (upon reaching certain conditions, to terminations on scheduled account end date, automatic notifications, billing and invoicing. Client area gives end customers the possibility to single sign on to ApisCP, change password and change their package. The module supports Account Metrics feature, which allows to set limits of resource usage, monitor it and trigger certain actions upon exceeding the limits.

  • Integration Features:
  • Billing
  • Client Area
  • Admin Area
  • Documentation
  • Changelog
  • Sell Shared Hosting
  • Measure & Charge for disk space & bandwidth used


  • Create Account
  • Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate
  • Change Password
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting Plan

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