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HostBill Domain Reseller module enables to generate HostBill and WHMCS modules to resell your domains. When enabled you can quickly and effortlessly create a Reseller module for HostBill or WHMCS and build a network of domain resellers, hence broaden your reach and customer list.

If you enable the Domain Reseller plugin and create your module, you can share it with your resellers and allow them to sell your domains through their HostBill or WHMCS installations.

Once the end client buys the domain from the reseller, the module connects to your installation and the domain is available both in your and the reseller installations where it’s managed by the target domain registrar module and the Reseller module respectively.

When configuring the Reseller module you can choose its functionalities from an extensive list for both admins/resellers and end-clients. Available options include: Transfer, Renew, Get domain EPP Code, Synchronize domain, Manage Domain Nameservers, Manage Email Forwarding, Manage Domain Contact Info, Manage Domain Lock, Manage DNS Records, Manage Domain ID Protection, Manage DNSSEC.

This plugin makes use of User API plugin which is included in its price.

  • Generate HostBill module for domain reselling
  • Generate WHMCS module for domain reselling
  • Choose module features

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