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Multi-Brand module for HostBill lets you create unlimited brands to sell your products or services on one HostBill backend. Each brand will use separate domain name, yet all of them are managed from single admin area. To help you manage your sales, you can assign order pages and product categories to brands and assign different support departments to each brand.

As following different visual identity rules for different brands is important part of the marketing strategy, you can create various client-area templates and set invoice template per brand to fit the style of the selected brand. As each brand may target different customers, you can select default client area language, choose payment gateways and override gateway configuration per brand. To keep your invoices organized you can choose separate invoice numeration sequence per brand, define different invoice format and even invoice prefix for each brand.

For more efficient management, brands can be grouped into brand groups. You can let your customers use the same login details across brands within a brand group and select which services/domains/invoices your customer will have access to under the login - by brand, brand group or all. To sum it all: managing different brands has never been easier!

  • Create unlimited brands on one HostBill backend
  • Separate domain name for each brand
  • Single admin-area management for all brands
  • Assign orderpages / product categories to brand
  • Assign support department to brand
  • Override main brand configuration:
    • general settings
    • client-area template per brand
    • payment gateways per brand (with ability to override config)
    • additional plugins access (with ability to override config)
    • default & available languages
  • Setup billing configuration per brand:
    • invoice template
    • separate invoice numeration sequence
    • separate numeration format/prefix
  • Distinguish new brand emails in custom HTML wrapper
  • Auto-assign customers from additional brands to client groups
  • Group brands into brand groups:
    • client will use one login details across brands within a group

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