Billing & Automation

Why you need Developer Module License?

  • Build your ideas before competition

  • Extend functionality for your business case

  • Don't waste time on developing module from scratch. Fork HostBill module & add functionality

ROI Calculator - example of adding new features to existing module

Work that has been done by HostBill team so far:
Requirements & Design of HostBill module 6h
Development of HostBill module 28h
Testing of HostBill module 18h
Total 52h
HostBill Development Cost: 52h * $50/h $2600
Example of estimated hours you want to code your idea:
HostBill Development Module Price $299
Your time spent on adding new feature to HostBill module (3h * $50/h) $150
Your total cost $349
ROI Summary
Our cost of creating HostBill module from scratch $2600
Your cost of adding new feature $349
You save $2251 (88%)

Development License Details

  1. You are not allowed to modify module copyright notices
  2. You cannot redistribute, share, sell or use source code or its parts in other software
  3. You can edit, extend, modify source code of module only within your own company
  4. Source code modifications results in limited support for given module, you can always hire us to help you out with code
  5. You will get access to bug & security fixes for major version of purchased module source
  6. You will get access to SDK (Software Development Kit) & documentation for HostBill module extension