HostBill 2.9.0: New Feature - SimpleHosting

Simple account management for cPanel based hosts

For more information go to our SimpleHosting feature page


WordPress Module

Allows to resell cPanel hosting with preinstalled WordPress application.

This module provide you hosting with preinstalled application. If you need next WordPress, you can simply order new account.
WordPress product extends cPanel so you have access to the same tools and widgets.
Module offers own email template, that you can send after creating new account.

More information at WordPress feature page


New billing cycle: Hourly

Account prices can now be hourly updated with invoices generated on monthly basis.

How Hourly Billing works in HostBill:

  • if client account created with hourly billing is active, its recurring price will be increased every hour by related product price (including forms elements, if any)
  • HostBill will generate invoices for hourly billed accounts every month, with invoice item price set to calculated account recurring price
  • once monthly invoice is generated, HostBill resets account recurring price to 0 and starts calculating it again every hour

To setup hourly billing for a product follow this guide Hourly Billed Products


OnApp module improvements

With HostBill it's possible to import all of your current OnApp accounts into HostBill with just few mouse clicks! No more manual labor!

For more information about OnApp integration go to our OnApp apps page.
To import OnApp accounts into HostBill follow this guide at Import accounts from OnApp our wiki


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