New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Its now not possible to set initial invoice number without explicitly checking related option
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to filter transactions through client's company name
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to set particular app connection as not available for auto-provisioning
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to use {$client_id} and {$client_name} as payment subject variables
  • [Admin] Added: Option to notify the admin when creating an order if the customer is in debt
  • [Admin] Changed: Soft deletion is now default option when deleting clients/orders/accounts
  • [Automation] Changed: When multiple client cancelation requests are processed HostBill issues one credit note instead of multiple ones
  • [Cart] Added: Sub-products now renders their corresponding forms allowing for customer configuration
  • [Email Verification] Added: Admin API calls to set client email vefication status
  • [Reports] Added: Top 15 customers by income in given period report

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: "Unblocking" rejected credit card from admin portal does not work
  • [Admin] Fixed: Filtering accounts by due date may not work as expected depending on date format
  • [API] Fixed: Calling "setInvoiceFinalId" call multiple times may create holes in invoice numeration
  • [AutoDNS] Fixed: Importing DNS zones does not work / returns empty zones
  • [Automation] Fixed: Some accounts may have metrics updated in periods longer than 24hrs
  • [Automation] Fixed: Sometimes importing tickets with oAuth incorrectly decodes the subject
  • [Billing] Fixed: Lines above discount show reduced total amount.
  • [Cloud Monitoring] Fixed: Wrong email template is used for host-up event notifications
  • [Constellix DNS] Fixed: Cannot add two records with the same type and name
  • [Domain-BestellSystem] Fixed: .eu domains keep changing status to Expired with each synch
  • [Hetzner DNS] Fixed: Dot is not added for some records
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Sometimes an error is returned when refill balance
  • [Openstack] Fixed: VM disk size is not updated after flavor resize and volume configuration changes.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Backup removal task fails due to a timeout.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Configuration task fails when using synchronous update method.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Snapshot removal fails after migration.
  • [SimpleDNS] Fixed: Some records after editing have an incorrect value
  • [] Fixed: It may occur that BECS payments are charged twice if initiated by customer and cron
  • [Tickets] Fixed: "last replier" column in ticket view often shows ticket submitter rather than actual last replier
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Ticket logs don't show who merged tickets
  • [TPP Wholesale] Fixed: Synchronization does not change domain status

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