New Features

  • [Configuration] Added: You can now decide if invoice for order will contain coupon code, discounted line or no visible discount
  • [General] Added: User who fails login into clientarea with IP in "Admin allowed IPs" list will not have his IP banned automatically
  • [Promotional Codes] Added: You can now select entire categories applicable to coupon code.
  • [Stats] Added: Ticket tags statistics (monthly/yearly tags usage)
  • [Support] Added: Option to define tags while creating new ticket

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Cancelling service does not cancel related invoices
  • [Affiliates] Fixed: Unable to set affiliate landing url to a sub-domain on non default templates
  • [Automation] Fixed: Cancelled invoices do not return applied client credit
  • [Cart] Fixed: Changing domain renewal period removes form configuration
  • [Cart] Fixed: Manual domain renewal duplicates custom form prices
  • [Domain DNS] Fixed: problem creating DNS account if related product had cycle set to free
  • [Invocies] Fixed: Upgrade invoice lines for forms containing date does not format it properly
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Account unsuspension fails if VM fails to start
  • [OnApp] Fixed: VPS accounts do not provision additional IP selected in cart.
  • [Support] Fixed: Creating new tickets with pre-asigned admin and attached note sends notification to all staff members.
  • [Support] Fixed: Tags in macro are not applied when creating new ticket
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Unable to upgrade resources if account values are below minimum values set in product.
  • [Wirecard Checkout Seamless] Fixed: Module does not load form for Sepa Direct Debit payment submission
  • [vCloud] Fixed: Provisioning fails to create edge gateway if first ip in external network is taken

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