New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to add items from customer Invoice queue directy to Unpaid Invoice or Draft Estimate
  • [Design 11] Added: Balance/Unpaid invoices in design 11 dashboard
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Added: New item status: In Order by the vendor
  • [Invoices] Its now possible to auto-append "Account #ID" to related invoice line in Invoice Customization settings
  • [Paypal Balance] Added manual refresh option

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Admin is logged out due to inactivity even if 'Remember me' option was checked
  • [Admin] Emails sent manually return error notification
  • [API] "success" is missing from json response when using third party module api
  • [API] addInvoicePayment - date is empty if seconds in date param are equal to 0
  • [API] addInvoicePayment - does not respect 'paymentmodule' param
  • [API] When editing ACL settings for API access "module" is missing - disabling api access to third party modules
  • [Client area] Can't manage services for archived products
  • [Client area] Invoice page has invalid html
  • [Clients Online] Widget is not showing up in admin area
  • [General] Modules with separate event handle do not work correctly
  • [Modules] Activating module with cron controller, without "havecron" does not install cron task
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Auto backup shows in create VM screen, eventhough its disabled in related product configuration
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: CPU/Network/Disk charts do not load with "Resource not found" error
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: When adding new interface its speed sets to 1 instead of account max
  • [Schleifenbauer] Bigger usage values returned by api are incorrect
  • [SolusVM v2] Editing VM in cloud mode does not update resources usage
  • [SolusVM v2] Resetting root password does not encrypt it in db/fails to read password afterwards
  • [Virtualizor] VM creation is trying to use master only server.
  • [Virtualizor] VMs are provisioned with all options from plan, even if those are left unchecked.

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