New Features

  • [Admin] Added: New admin permission for order draft
  • [API] Fixed: addDNSZone does not always return "success" despite zone being added
  • [Clientarea] Added: Redirect customer to newly issued invoice after manual service renewal
  • [Clients] Added: Its now possible to set default gateway per client group for existing services
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Ability to notify multiple staff members about low stock
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Option to set low-stock notifications per item rather than per category only
  • [Openstack] Added: Option to extend system volume for volume service v3.42 and above.
  • [PayPal] Added: Option to disable cart pre-authorization for PayPal Checkout
  • [Tickets] Added: Buttons to quickly set the time in Time tracking
  • [To-Do List] Added: Ability to assign task to a team
  • [To-Do List] Added: Ability to set task due date

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Call to a member function is_supported() on bool in app management section
  • [Admin] Fixed: Cannot set IPv6 for API Access
  • [Cart] Fixed: In some cases ordering domains in client area does not work properly.
  • [CSV Export] Fixed: "Invoice Credit" field is not exported correctly
  • [DCIManager] Fixed: Error when provisioning server or trying to re install OS
  • [DirectAdmin DNS Tool] Fixed: Logs do not display zone name
  • [Domain 2019] Fixed: Can't add domains that do not allow 1/yr registration/transfer
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Adding invoice line from products formats price wrongly upon adding it
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Invoice item description does not contain spaces if its issued manually
  • [IPAM] Fixed: zero-division error after adding single-sized vlan group
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Test Connection does not return an error message
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Sometimes an error is returned during an additional domain renewal
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Client area does not work on openstack installations that require clients to reset their password
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Error loading account page if invalid user was provided
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Server provisioning fails if ssh keys has any symbols in the name or shares the same name with another key
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Termination fails to remove users related to client project
  • [Openstack] Fixed: The Create VM API method does not return errors when creating a VM
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Error when getting bandwidth usage from external app for services that area near of the end of their period.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Module fails to transfer user iso to proxmox on some servers.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Rebuild does not apply template settings required by os like machine type.
  • [SSL Services] Fixed: Unable to order wildcard certificate

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