New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Attachments to admin notes are now also added to admin notification about note
  • [Admin] Added: Field Logic for Related component fields
  • [Admin] Added: New ticekt from reply will now let you decide if newly created ticket should be internal by default
  • [Admin] Added: Separate permission to edit invoice lock state
  • [Admin] Added: Warning about potential transaction ID re-use when adding payment to invoice
  • [Clients] Added: Client viewable note added by staff to account or domain will now send email notification about new note to client
  • [General] Changed: Updated pdf rendering library. Note: If custom fonts were used ensure to move them to new configuration file !
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Ability to pre-select firewall in product configuration
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Ability to specify a cloud-init script in product configuration / order
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Support for change package / upgrade
  • [] Added: Support for nameserver registration
  • [] Added: Support for nameserver registration
  • [QuickBooks Online] Added: Support for Multi Currency
  • [Tickets] Added: Its now possible to quickly register ticket submiter as new contact under existing client
  • [] Added: Ability to define custom cloud-init script per product configuration
  • [] Added: DDoS protection can be enabled in product configuration
  • [] Added: Support for automated backups
  • [] Added: Multi-currency support
  • [] Added: Option that disables automatic export of transactions

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: ACE/code editor is not loading on news editor page
  • [Admin] Fixed: invalid char in date input results in 1970 dates
  • [Billing] Fixed: Enabling Pro-rate cancellations for pre-paid services adds credit to client account on cancellation even if the invoice is unpaid.
  • [Domain Reseller] Fixed: Subsequent domain registrations fails due to contact email being re-used
  • [Domain Reseller] Fixed: WHMCS module does not transfer the Epp code on transfers
  • [Domains] Fixed: Saving domain changes, adds a Notes entry to the Domain Log
  • [General] Fixed: Admin was able to add contact to client profile without password
  • [General] Fixed: Not logged in clients can get VM bandwidth usage graphs.
  • [Hetzner Robot] Fixed: Notification about pending Storage Boxes module update
  • [Observium] Fixed: Updated hb_api.php file to work with 23.11 release
  • [QuickBooks] Fixed: Some functions return an error for PHP 8.1
  • [] Fixed: Cannot renew domain after expiration date
  • [Sepa Direct Debit] Fixed: Pay Now text is not translatable in Sepa GW
  • [SSL Certificates] Fixed: When the data to generate the CSR has not been provided, it redirects to the next tab
  • [] Fixed: Its not possible to de-select startup script in product config
  • [] Fixed: Invoice item description can only be 50 characters long
  • [YooKassa] Fixed: Wrong API endpoint used

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