New Features

  • [General] Massive performance boost on systems with lots of plugins enabled
  • [Client area] Option to change billing cycle of account during upgrade/downgrade temporarily removed

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Long running cron tasks are shown as disabled/failed
  • [Admin] Setting custom price on draft is confusing if product includes priced forms
  • [Cart] Client is still redirected to invoice when order is marked as fraud
  • [FlatUI] Cent set expiry date on affiliate voucher
  • [Modules] Activating module do not add cron tasks to db.
  • [Multibrand] Password reset doesnt work
  • [Modernapenl] Sorting doesnt work with pagination
  • [Modernapenl] Bulk renewal doesnt work
  • [SMS Gateway] Bug with after_invoicecreate event - exception thrown

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