New Features

  • [AD / LDAP Provisioning] Added: An option that requires changing the password for new members after first login.
  • [AD / LDAP Provisioning] Added: The ability to create LDAP members directly from the admin area.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Clients] Fixed: Client stats does not show if he uses default currency
  • [Coinify] Fixed: Doubled transactions can occur on random callback repeat from Coinify
  • [Domains] Fixed: DNSSec records deletion does not trigger confirmation prompt
  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: A "Wrong parameter" error occurs when the product's payment cycle is Once for 2019 orderpage
  • [] Fixed: Domain transfer for TLDs requiring owner contact fails with missing ownercontact0 error
  • [Realtime Register] Fixed: Registering nameserver fails if host contains domain name elements

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