New Features

  • [Affiliates] Added: support for client groups in commission plans
  • [Billing] Added: Its now possible to set metered billing for any product using module supporting Metrics/Quotas
  • [Billing] Added: Peak scheme for metered billing model, allowing to charge for the highest measured value
  • [CometBackup] Added: support for metered billing for resource usage: Storage Vault Quota
  • [DirectAdmin] Added: support for metered billing for resource usage: Badwidth, Disk usage, Domain Pointers, FTP Accounts, Databases, Email Forwarders. Mailing Lists, Autoresponders, Subdomains, Domains
  • [EURid] Changed: Updated namespaces for module
  • [Plesk] Added: Support for metered billing for resource usage: Traffic, Subdomains, Emails, Redirects, Mail groups, Autoresponders, Mailing lists, Databases, Domains, Sites
  • [Proxmox] Changed: Backup and snapshot schedule interval selection changed from 15min to 5min.
  • [Sepa Direct Debit] Added: Added ability to choose the gateway module that will be used when importing transactions.
  • [Traficom/Ficora] Added: Possibility to set permanent id technical contact for domain registration
  • [cPanel] Added: support for metered billing for resource usage: Badwidth, Disk usage, Emails, Mailing Lists, Addon domains, Subdomains, Parked domains, FTP acconts, Databases

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Character count does not work when editing mobile notification templates.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Client statistic do not update after currency change.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Email log view does not show full html message.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Recipients override can't be saved in order draft.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Searching for clients in multi-item dropdown reverts to initial selection.
  • [Billing] Fixed: Downgrade credit doesn't include tax if credit note is disabled
  • [Billing] Fixed: Tax shown on upgrade page is invalid if discount is applied.
  • [Billing] Fixed: Tax shown on upgrade page is off by few cents when client is using different currency.
  • [Billing] Fixed: Upgrade fee for package change is not recalculated to client currency.
  • [GoGetSSL] Fixed: Smarty template error in client portal when using gogetssl product type
  • [Notifications] Fixed: Emails about new order, invoice and estimate are always sent with default language.
  • [Notifications] Fixed: Mobile notifications for tickets are sent with escaped non-latin characters.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Missing translations
  • [SolusVM] Fixed: VNC Console do not work on 2019 theme
  • [] Fixed: More than one transaction for invoices was generated in Stripe Intents 3D secure module
  • [Tcadmin2] Fixed: Updated billingapi file location for newer tcadmin installations
  • [UpCloud] Fixed: Terminate returns an error if the server was previously manually removed
  • [UserAPI] Fixed: API did not worked / always returns http 401 on some apache installs & PHP 7.2.24
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: "too few arguments" error when attempting to edit vm
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: Invalid Disk bus driver error when trying to upgrade VM.
  • [ZACR] Fixed: Error when updating contact information

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