New Integrations

  • [MYNIC] Added: MYNIC domain registrar module

New Features

  • [Admin] Added: "Reminder for services with cancellations" option to disable sending unpaid/overdue reminders for services with cancellation requests
  • [Admin] Added: Ability to select certain domain TLDs for mass notification/public tickets
  • [Admin] Changed: Staff now can generate final ID for invoice no matter of final generation settings
  • [Billing] Added: New option that indicates whether the invoice should be generated after Estimate approval by the client
  • [InternetX] Changed: Changed behaviour of "Cancel unpaid domains" feature - when disabled it still will allow to renew domains
  • [Proxmox] Added: Option to synchronize VPS account from admin area
  • [QuickBooks Online] Added: "Do not default TaxCode for unmapped tax" option in module configuration
  • [QuickBooks Online] Added: Ability to specify target transaction Account per gateway/currency
  • [QuickBooks Online] Added: Module now sets customer currency on export

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: Upgrading "slider qty" form using API fails
  • [Domains] Fixed: Manually generating a domain renewal order does not correctly add a ID Protection to the order
  • [General] Fixed: "Send only paid invoices" for Invoice copies works only for non-EU billing mode
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Invalid format pool name when creating VM
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Unable to add multiple IPs at once if VLAN option is disabled
  • [DCIManager6] Fixed: Provisioning fails to create multiple services at once if those are for the same client.
  • [Password Manager] Fixed: Some passwords may not be visible

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