New Features

  • [2checkout] Customer will now be warned if he already have subscription before creating new one.
  • [Admin] Added search capability when adding new product to order draft
  • [Cacti] Added option to connect with cacti over https
  • [DigitalOcean] Updated to API 2.0 - please update your API keys in Settings->Apps!
  • [Multibrand] It is now possible for customer to sign to different brands using same email address
  • [OnApp v4] Added: VM Creation/Deletion will now log related machine IP in account log
  • [Plesk Automation] Added Plesk Automation Nodomain module allowing to create packages without domain name
  • [Plugin] Paypal Balance updated to show all available currencies
  • [Services] Added: Canceling account will now auto-cancel sub-accounts too.
  • [Services] Added: It is now possible to disable cancelations of certain services under "Other" product settings
  • [SMSEagle] Removed "+" and any other non-numeric sign from phonenumber
  • [Zimbra] Added quota usage & allocation bar

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Product/Addons are not translated when trying to add new lines in invoice.
  • [Admin] Unable to edit client details from admin area, email already in use error.
  • [Cart] Can't submit order after changing country in sing-up form
  • [General] Bandwidth billing can't be internationalized
  • [General] Orders with free items are not activated
  • [General] Projected bandwidth overage charge is invalid
  • [Multibrand] New clients can't login to default brand
  • [ResellerClub Hosting] Api connection doesnt work
  • [ServerTastic SSL] Creting new orders doesnt work
  • [SMS] Wrong template language is used when sending sms from client profile
  • [WHOIS] .CAT tld lookup doesnt work

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