New Features

  • [Admin] Added: option to duplicate estimates
  • [Admin] Added: option to generate estimates from order draft
  • [Clients] It is now possible to send Mobile Notification to client directly from client profile
  • [Domains] Added: option to change product tld
  • [Forms] Added: Encrypted input - value entered by customer in cart is encrypted into database
  • [Forms] Added: Encrypted password input - show password input in cart, value entered by customer is encrypted into database
  • [PayPal Payflow Pro] More descriptive error in case if customer country is unsupported

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Incorrect number of pages when filtering estimates
  • [Admin] Menu items are hidden on mobile devices
  • [Admin] Minor security issue with admin order (staff privileges)
  • [Cart] Serialization error after order if queues are enabled
  • [General] Client password is not working in some cases
  • [General] Invalid client IP if using CloudFlare caching
  • [Mobile Notifications] Email signature is added to text messages, resulting in too long sms

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