New Features

  • [SMS Gateway] Added: SMS Gateway module - allow customers to send sms from your HostBill Learn more
  • [Billing] Added: Billing Alerts module is now included free in all new Metered & Bandwidth billing modules
  • [OnApp v4] Added: Its not possible to bill for paid OS template hourly usage, based on prices set in OnApp template store
  • [Tickets] Increased access hash legth from 6 to 32 characters.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Search doesnt work with invoice ids longer than 8 digits
  • [Admin] Search doesnt work with non-latin characters
  • [Admin] Typo in domain automation
  • [Client area] Announcements/news are sorted incorrectly
  • [Cloudstack] Additional networks are created if previously removed all vms
  • [DNS Services] Issues with loading template resources on https sites
  • [DNS Services] Missing images in template
  • [General] Account automation doesnt work if related order was removed
  • [General] Hostname lookup doesnt work if it is disabled in apache
  • [GogetSSL] Can't renew certificates
  • [Observium] Security issue in hb_api.php component
  • [Openstack v2] Module do not work with Openstack behind self-signed certificate
  • [Orders] Order totals are set to 0
  • [Scaleway] Issues with ip limit
  • [Scaleway] Issues with server synchronization
  • [Scaleway] Issues with snapshot creation on detached volumes
  • [Support] Ticket created by staff embers are escalated it left with no response.
  • [Upgrades] It may happen that client receives credit on upgrade, rather than charge
  • [Virtualizor] Error about master server when trying to create accounts
  • [Virtualizor] Provisioning fails is there is a locked server
  • [VirtualnameES] Pending transfer domain are marked as expired

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