New Features

  • [Email Verification] Added: Multibrand support - alternative configuration per brand.
  • [ExactOnline] Added: Option to disconnect user from Exact online
  • [ExactOnline] Added: Option to select Division on connection page
  • [ExactOnline] Added: Support for MultiBrand plugin
  • [ExactOnline] Changed: Moved VAT settings to module connection page
  • [OpenProvider Licenses] Added: Ability to order Virtuozzo VM, Virtuozzo CT, Virtuozzo Storage and Virtuozzo 7 products
  • [OpenProvider Licenses] Added: Missing product configuration options
  • [Plesk] Added: Module will now show public + private IP when listing ips in product config
  • [SolusVM 2] Added: HostBill will wait 5 sec between creating multiple machines when more than one should be created to address SolusVM api limitations
  • [Tickets] Added: Staff member can now set ticket priority during creation from admin portal

Bugs Fixed

  • [Acronis] Fixed: Provisioning fails if zip code is longer than 13 chars
  • [Automation] Fixed: Error while creating accounts with no module
  • [Billing] Fixed: Custom overdue reminders are being sent instead of standard overdue notifications
  • [Cart] Fixed: Addons page does not display available services if unique addon was purchased previously
  • [General] Fixed: Login Details widget is not showing up for some modules
  • [General] Fixed: PDF generation may cause date formatting issues
  • [Gereral] Fixed: Update Conversion Rates task stopped working
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Client is unable to use Credit Card module on unpaid Credit Receipts
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Refunding invoice issued for a brand attempts to use default gateway config.
  • [OpenProvider Licenses] Fixed: Clicking on "allow to select during order" does nothing in product config
  • [Queue] Fixed: Worker fails to heartbeat on certain percona sql server versions
  • [Status Notifications] Fixed: Cant add new status without notifications

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